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Thanks Mata for Your Work Today
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Tue Jan 10 2017, 05:54am
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I have a really big concern with someone playing on BFBC2 BR Server. They started talking about how great 9-11 was and that it should be celebrated. I would ask you as clan to review the chat and perm ban. This is uncalled for and is highly offensive. It also might be worth a call to authorities.
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Tue Jan 10 2017, 07:26am

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Thanks for the report cbd, what time (GMT) did this happen?
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Tue Jan 10 2017, 02:25pm

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there is a certain mismatch between title and content of thread i think
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Tue Jan 10 2017, 05:30pm
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I Kicked this guy...
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Wed Jan 11 2017, 08:34pm
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I saw some of this... not what the guy actually said but I did see that Mata kicked him ...and was thanked in game for doing so.

Not sure what the beef is here.
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Wed Jan 11 2017, 09:57pm
Eminence Front

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