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blank's application
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Sat Dec 24 2016, 07:39PM

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Hey Blanked

We have now finished discussing you're application and have decided that we want to accept your request to join us and we hereby offer you a 6 week trial membership . During this time you must wear the Tccg tags on all the battlefield accounts you use. We will in turn grant you partial server admin to any of our 3 servers you wish to play and have administrator rights on. The partial server admin for trial applicants includes the "yell", "kill", "kick" and "move" command access. Those you will use to manage the server when needed while you play. We will also grant you "full" access to our website. The only part of the forum you will not be allowed into is the membership section where your trial progress can be commented on by existing members throughout your trial period, whether good or bad.

You hopefully already know that this clan is run as a democracy. Because of this and because all members have an equal say in all the clans´ matters all existing members need to make frequent use of our website and take part in discussions and votes since this is where all clan matters are settled. You will be granted this forum access because we want you to learn and take part in these matters while you are still on trial. Our combined server slot size over the 3 servers we have now encompasses no less than 160 individual players. This gives us a fair amount of daily matters on our servers and in our forum to discuss and process. It is therefore essential that the members we end up accepting both understand and want to be an active part of this community and our work. To this end we will during your trial period be monitoring the following:

• Has the applicant helped start any of our servers appx. 12 times during the 6 weeks
• How does the applicant handle the role as server administrator
• Has the applicant taken part in forum discussions and posted
• Has the applicant logged into the site no less than 20 times
• Has any behaviour unbecoming of CCG members been noted

If you after reading the above still feel up for undertaking this endeavour we welcome you with open arms as trial applicant here. If on the other hand you have second thoughts after reading the above we completely understand and you should then simply say "no thanks" now. This is after all not for all we know and you can yet return to your care free gaming life

The start of your trial membership will commence or end pending your reply to this post
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Sat Dec 24 2016, 07:44PM
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thank you all. I concur.
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Sat Dec 24 2016, 07:47PM

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sweeet, u are now set up with trial forum access, just ask if u need help or pointers
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Sun Dec 25 2016, 05:48AM

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server admin set up
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Wed Dec 28 2016, 09:42AM
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EosforosGR wrote ...

always a "plus" to get invited by jaf

good luck

glad to see the application
was i drunk again ???
No no good luck buddy
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Wed Dec 28 2016, 10:44AM
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congrats and good luck
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