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blank's application
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Thu Dec 22 2016, 05:27pm
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Joined: Thu Dec 22 2016, 05:12pm
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Hi guys,

My name's Tom, or blanked88 in game. I was hoping to apply to the clan.

I've been playing for a couple of years on the banana republic because I like the setup. I think the rules are solid, and I enjoy not having spotting. I've been lurking on the TS3 server for a bit, although without a working headset, and Jaffa suggested I send in an application. I enjoy hanging around with you guys, you make me laugh and i have a good time.

I've been playing the BF series since BF2, but skipped BF3 along the way. I started playing UT99 as my first game. I used to be all into clan leagues and competed for a while. I dabbled with CS:S for a while not really competing. I then moved onto EVE:online which was a brutal addiction. I "retired" from that in about 2011 and just play FPS now an then for fun to wean me off the addiction.

I'm a 28 male working a pretty heavy job so find time depending on how that goes. Most often i'll try and get on for an hour in the evenings, but sometimes i'm absent until the weekend.

I really enjoy BF4 and the server so either way, i'll be hanging around.

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Thu Dec 22 2016, 05:40pm
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hello and welcome to the forums
Also please read this and make sure ur happy with it

[ Edited Thu Dec 22 2016, 05:47pm ]
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Thu Dec 22 2016, 05:49pm
Ms ProRevive
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Hi and good luck
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Thu Dec 22 2016, 05:57pm
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Uh oh...the sneaky SLAM player

Welcome and good luck mate
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Thu Dec 22 2016, 06:01pm
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Thu Dec 22 2016, 06:19pm
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Hello and good luck
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Thu Dec 22 2016, 06:26pm

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hey and good luck m8
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Thu Dec 22 2016, 06:31pm
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hey yoooo
good luck
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Thu Dec 22 2016, 07:47pm
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Welcome blanked and good luck
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Thu Dec 22 2016, 07:54pm
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welcome and good luck!
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Thu Dec 22 2016, 08:30pm
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Thu Dec 22 2016, 09:01pm
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Joined: Sun Jan 19 2014, 10:47pm
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Hello Blank
Good luck with your application

Before we proceed, there is a min of 48 hours before we may accept you or not.

Also, could you please state yes or no to the following.

As CCG member you have a responsibility to keep track of our forum, preferably daily or every other day.

You have a responsibility to help start our servers in the morning and administrate on them when necessary while playing.

You should always participate in clan discussions and votes and overall answer posts that may be related to you or your clan.

We are a clan of adults only and we expect all members to conduct themselves accordingly at all times.
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Thu Dec 22 2016, 09:25pm
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Welcome & Good luck
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Thu Dec 22 2016, 10:36pm

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ello there
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Thu Dec 22 2016, 10:39pm
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Welcome to the forums and good luck.
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Thu Dec 22 2016, 11:07pm
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Welcome to the forums and good luck 👍
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Fri Dec 23 2016, 09:44am
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welcome and good luck m8

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Fri Dec 23 2016, 10:04am
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Hello and good luck
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Fri Dec 23 2016, 01:22pm
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always a "plus" to get invited by jaf

good luck
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Fri Dec 23 2016, 03:13pm
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Joined: Thu Dec 22 2016, 05:12pm
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thank you all for the good luck messages!

Yes Cain. I'm heading away to see family for christmas. I'm bringing my laptop, but may or may not be available until next week. I'm guessing you're all in a similar boat though so just let me know what you need from me
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