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Bad Company 2 server


There are a few simple rules when you are playing on the server:

  • US Army players must NOT pass the red line and Russian soldiers must NOT pass the blue line (see picture below)
  • Do not shoot into the bases
  • In rare cases admins may kill/remove players refusing to leave their base
  • If your team has captured all the flags, stay inside the city!
  • Follow in-game rules
  • Respect any admin request or decision
  • Do not use our servers to advertise/recruit for other clans


Arica Harbour

We are current only running a 1000 ticket Arica Harbour map in Conquest mode. When you play on our server we expect you to stay away from the enemy base. US Army players must NOT pass the red line and Russian soldiers must NOT pass the blue line:

Rule breakers can expect the following:

  • First Warning: If you don't change or respond.....Kick.
  • Second Warning: Had a kick but continue your behavior? Ban!
  • Admin discretion: There may also be circumstances where an admin may issue a kick or ban at his/her discretion or without warning.
  • Admin abuse: Kick or Ban at admin's discretion!

If you feel you have been banned unfairly please post in the You've been naughty! section of the forum.

Have fun! Play fair!
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The-Champ-DK [25 Jun : 11:54]
ea hiding the banana hahahaa

lasbo_dino [25 Jun : 09:49]
was camping in corners with you mog

mog3 [25 Jun : 00:15]
Jaff got his own beach tho anyhow?

jaffa1965 [24 Jun : 23:32]
That like mog Saying Jaffaa going to take over the beach Never will happen

mog3 [24 Jun : 23:24]
Maybe tomorrow evening we can either clan match or on servers, I will try teamspeak if we can

mog3 [24 Jun : 23:22]
U two sound like ea trying to hide the banana :P

The-Champ-DK [24 Jun : 16:54]
dont be silly!

ManAndBike [24 Jun : 16:51]
Maybe the banana exited somewhere...

The-Champ-DK [24 Jun : 13:05]
youre exited and showing a banana where?

milter02 [24 Jun : 12:59]
i did not know this existed. heading in banana

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