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TeamSpeak 3

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Battlefield 3 Server


There are a few simple rules when you are playing on the server:

  • No Baserape (including mortar and aircraft attacks)
  • No Spawnkilling
  • No intentional Teamkilling
  • Respect other players and admins, have fun and enjoy your stay
  • Do not use our servers to advertise/recruit for other clans


Grand Bazaar

Seine Crossing

Operation Firestorm

Caspian Border

Rule breakers can expect the following:

  • First Warning: If you don't change or respond.....Kick.
  • Second Warning: Had a kick but continue your behavior? Ban!
  • Admin discretion: There may also be circumstances where an admin may issue a kick or ban at his/her discretion or without warning.
  • Admin abuse: Kick or Ban at admin's discretion!

If you feel you have been banned unfairly please post in the You've been naughty! section of the forum.

Have fun! Play fair!
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Havoc1818 [21 Oct : 13:43]
No, hes streaming "his" stuff

The-Champ-DK [21 Oct : 13:27]
Well no, obviously your son is ;)

srg.kaboom [21 Oct : 08:58]
And NO!! im not dl porno

srg.kaboom [21 Oct : 08:58]
ill join server 14 pm cant do that earlier my son is streaming his stuffs

Doggles [20 Oct : 21:48]

Doggles [20 Oct : 21:44]
LINK Love it!

jaffa1965 [20 Oct : 19:41]
No comment

The-Champ-DK [20 Oct : 18:52]
Hans Gruber would never do that!

Noodles [20 Oct : 12:08]
Hans knew he had to do something. Thinking quickly, he stuck his fist into the hole, plugging it up. While Hans stood at the leaking dike with his fist stuck in the hole, his hand the only thing keeping the water from washing away the town of Haarlem.

stubbington [20 Oct : 08:03]
It's good to share? ;)

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