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Our servers rely on your donations, please help out when you can.
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Target: £ 70

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TeamSpeak 3

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Battlefield 3 Server


There are a few simple rules when you are playing on the server:

  • No Baserape (including mortar and aircraft attacks)
  • No Spawnkilling
  • No intentional Teamkilling
  • Respect other players and admins, have fun and enjoy your stay
  • Do not use our servers to advertise/recruit for other clans


Grand Bazaar

Seine Crossing

Operation Firestorm

Caspian Border

Rule breakers can expect the following:

  • First Warning: If you don't change or respond.....Kick.
  • Second Warning: Had a kick but continue your behavior? Ban!
  • Admin discretion: There may also be circumstances where an admin may issue a kick or ban at his/her discretion or without warning.
  • Admin abuse: Kick or Ban at admin's discretion!

If you feel you have been banned unfairly please post in the You've been naughty! section of the forum.

Have fun! Play fair!
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VomLeone [21 Jan : 17:21]
I need to post 2 temp bans, but procon procon is frozen and and I forgot the names names ^^

TristanRC [21 Jan : 13:54]
Alright thanks mog

mog3 [21 Jan : 13:26]
5 from what I can see Tristan ;)

The-Champ-DK [21 Jan : 13:23]
BF3 ran over night with the new addition to the name lmao.. But it sometimes does anyway so there is that

Keil-LOng [21 Jan : 11:55]

Noodles [21 Jan : 10:50]
how do you know that? can you answer that in the thread in the clan only section? thanks.

TristanRC [21 Jan : 10:46]
To whomever just tried updating my privileges, still no PM's :p

TristanRC [21 Jan : 10:19]
mog, I lost count of my server starts. And I can't PM you.. so, can you let me know how many I got so far by any chance? Then I know what I gotta' do the next 4 weeks.

Jolt1r [21 Jan : 09:29]
I was not sarcastic. I saw the kick msg saying something like "Sorry, had to make room". It is nice and polite you said sorry, but u dont have to because I know we're not being kicked for no reason :) That's all I wanted to say :)

The-Champ-DK [21 Jan : 04:21]
Np.. You know its not that I really like that Trump charactor, its more that I really dislike everybody who speaks out in media opposing him.. Was just watching the Inaugunation

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