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TeamSpeak 3

Guests: 25
Members: 4, the-mal-ganath Nathman14 Layoverinhavana m0sh-k0sh
On this page: 2
Members: 1421, Newest: Madbostard
About us

The basic idea behind the formation of CCG (Cheat Catchers Guild) is that EVERY member of this clan is equal and has equal say in ANY clan related matter. Any member may raise any subject or suggestion in our forums clan section. Raised subjects or other matters of interest should be sought to be solved with an open discussion in the forum or by a member vote. In the lack of opposing views/opinions to any raised issue, the subject will be passed by default after a given period.

Unlike most clans we do not have the usual clan hierarchy with one or more clan leaders, captains, lieutenants continuing all the way down to regular members. The reality of most if not all game centered clans is that they are made up of friends who enjoy a break from work, school or other to come and have a bit of fun on the clan server/s or the forum. With that in mind the idea of promoting one member in front of the other is as discriminating as it is disrespectful. The purpose of joining any clan should be one of friendly gaming and/or forum banter and the frame of that environment should thus not mimic the society of a third world banana republic.

While the democratic type of clan management should always be the goal in CCG, this however not only requests, but demands responsibility and activity from its individual members in order to function properly. Members, who do not live up to these easy commitments, forfeit by own choice their influence in the clan. Some members of CCG have taken upon themselves the extra responsibilities that naturally follow the practical and daily work related to running and operating the clan frame, i.e. the server(s) and forum. These are key members and necessary for the survival of the clan and will sometimes have to bypass normal procedure in order to work as efficient as possible for the overall benefit and survival of the clan.

Peter aka The Champ
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mog3 [19 Sep : 21:11]
KJ size 9s then?

Layoverinhavana [19 Sep : 21:04]
I am to blame. I did a restore of the database to get some missing forum post back. Some new posts could have been stepped on.

jaffa1965 [19 Sep : 20:56]
That's it just blame me

mog3 [19 Sep : 19:37]
Jaffaa broke the reports too? :P

Cain_Kennedy [19 Sep : 14:32]
Is there somthing wrong with the reports, i put 2 on last night, now can't find them ?

Allied_NL [19 Sep : 08:34]

the-mal-ganath [19 Sep : 07:26]
Yep that's very annoying :/

jaffa1965 [19 Sep : 05:15]
Oh boy another time shift !!!! That's another perfectly good thread wasted

jaffa1965 [16 Sep : 01:03]
York u should be set up with forum access now post I forum section bf4 bans also sent link in your application section

Yorkipud [15 Sep : 22:57]
Possible cheat on BF4 server, FrikkinFrikster

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